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Watch: An overview of gear pump technology with its advantages and limitations, as well as a discussion of some of the applications most appropriately handled by gear pumps.

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Case Studies
Universities Leverage the Power of Compact NMR Spectroscopy to Teach Chemistry and Applied Sciences Students
Science students in the Ukraine, the Netherlands, and Germany are using the portable picoSpin™-45 NMR Benchtop Spectrometer in the lab for structure analysis, transesterification, and more.
Nov 12 2012 6:25PM

Case Studies
Tangerine Dreams: Irrigating a Citrus Grove with the Help of Masterflex
A citrus grove farmer finds he can banish algae with the help of a Masterflex pump.
Aug 2 2011 12:07PM

Case Studies
Cole-Parmer Tech Challenge

Apr 26 2010 9:49AM

Articles and White Papers
Series Part 1: How to Store, Clean, and Recondition pH Electrodes
pH electrodes should be cleaned on a regular basis and prior to calibration. The build-up of material on the electrode can cause incorrect readings, and shorten the electrode’s life.
Apr 26 2010 9:11AM

Case Studies
Cole-Parmer Tech Challenge

Jan 25 2010 3:51PM

Articles and White Papers
The Use and Care of PyrexPlus® Laboratory Glassware
Tips and techniques to ensure a long lifetime for your plastic laboratory equipment
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Case Studies
A report on the Neyagawa Uchiage Restaurantthat used IDEC equipment to install state of the art systems including an order control system, a production management system, and a food management system
Sep 25 2009 4:16PM

Case Studies
Masterflex® in a Sticky Situation
Pumping glue doesn't even sound like it would be easy. See how a major producer of business forms solved the problem of applying pressure-sensitive adhesive in a high-speed web press printing application.
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Case Studies
New magmeter measures pulsingchemical feed on CIP skid
The new low-flow magmeter offered by Cole-Parmer batches chemicals through a CIP skid
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Case Studies
IR Temperature Monitors
Food inspectors now have the ability to instantly and conveniently take more temperature readings more often with infrared (IR) thermometers
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Articles and White Papers
Chemicals—Special Ordering Information
Types of chemical attacks on labware
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Case Studies
Masterflex Advantage- November 2007
Masterflex offers you many advantages. Read how this peristaltic pump is the better choice over a Diaphragm Pump.
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Case Studies
Masterflex Customer Testimonials:Mobile Masterflex Diss-Washer
Real-life customer comments about using Masterflex pumps in mobile diswashing stations
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

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