Masterflex® Peristaltic Tubing Pumps and Fluid Handling Solutions

Engineered for long life, Masterflex® peristaltic pump systems provide superior accuracy and repeatability and ensure optimal performance when used with the proper tubing. These pumps offer the latest technology including MasterflexLive® cloud-enabled connectivity, easy control and tubing changes, and the low-maintenance and cost-effectiveness of peristaltic pumps.

To provide you with an easier way to select the fine pumps we offer, Ismatec pumps are now a part of the Masterflex family of products! The Ismatec Series pumps fit into the Masterflex brand offering as the microflow, high accuracy peristaltic pumps. Choose from a wide range of flows with the Masterflex Ismatec Series, Masterflex L/S Series, Masterflex I/P Series and Masterflex B/T Series peristaltic pumps. You can also find many tubing formulations compatible with the pumps we offer. Keep in mind that Ismatec pumps accept Ismatec pump tubing and Masterflex pumps accept Masterflex pump tubing for clean fluid paths. With over 10,000 pump options and many tubing formulations, you can find what you need from the Masterflex brand.

Masterflex peristaltic pump series — shop by flow range

Ismatec high accuracy microflow peristaltic pumps
Ismatec® Series
Microflow, high accuracy
Flow Range:
0.0001 to 365 mL/min
Masterflex L/S precise flow peristaltic pump
L/s® Series
High accuracy, precise
Flow Range:
0.00005 to 3400 mL/min
Masterflex I/P powerfil peristaltic pump
i/p® Series
Powerful systems
Flow Range:
0.001 to 26 LPM
Masterflex B/T highest flow rates peristaltic pumps
b/t® Series
Highest flow rates
Flow Range:
0.3 to 42 LPM
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powerful systems
highest flow rate

The MasterSense line of Masterflex® Peristaltic Pumps

Designed for today’s critical process applications and the biopharma industry of tomorrow

Intuitive and Innovative
Intuitive and innovative
Touch-screen interface is quick and easy to set up and program—even with gloves on
5" capacitive TFT/RGB touch screen with a clear, wide viewing angle
Over-the-air firmware updates let you take full advantage of future enhancements
Three-tier access to pump functionality allows you to protect your process by controlling who can operate the pump and at what level
Quality control
easy and accurate
Operational modes include continuous run, volume dispense, and time dispense
Save and recall up to 50 commonly used protocols, each with a unique name
Batch control and interval/off time in volume and time modes
Graphical indicator lets you know when tubing is optimally calibrated
remote connect
connected and smart
Operate your drive multiple ways—touch screen, analog remote, or via connectivity options
Choose from three connectivity options: EtherNet/IP, Profibus or MasterflexLive® (our secure, cloud-based app for remote pump monitoring of critical processes)
With MasterflexLive, you can choose notifications to alert you to changes in operating conditions and error messages 24/7

Masterflex understands complicated fluid handling workfows and offers the
widest range of features, components, and flow rates to put you in control.

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