Fermentation Process Workflow

Vent Filter

Many biopharma applications require the use of vent filters on tank ventilation. Generally, these filters are sterilized to avoid risk of contamination. The filters also serve as a pressure stabilizer for the tank environment.

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pH Probe

In the lab or on the process floor, pH probes sense changes in the acidity of the media which is critical for cell vitality. All pH probes (excepting ISFET technology) will slowly leak solution into the media as a means of measurement.

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Sample Bottle

Tanks, vessels, and bottles store product between the stages of drug production. They are sterilized or involve a sterilized barrier between the vessel and the product (such as a tank liner) to mitigate the risk of contamination. Tank ports are pre-ordered to fit the needs of the application. Sample bottles will include a vent filter to avoid pressurizing the bottle during dispensation and cross-contamination.

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