Press Releases

New Masterflex® L/S® Portable Sampling Pump Provides Faster Tubing Changes and Flow Stability

Versatility and portability is what the new Masterflex L/S portable sampling pump brings to operators who need to carry around a pump. The new portable pump features the latest Easy-Load pump head for faster tubing changes and flow stability. The variable-speed drive has a top speed of 400 rpm, allowing the operator to adjust the flow rate to the needs of the application. It can run up to four hours on the self-contained 12 VDC rechargeable battery, or indefinitely from any AC or 12 VDC power supply. Users can charge the internal battery from an AC power supply or a DC voltage source of lower voltaic potential than the battery itself. Read More

New Traceable® Data Logging Ethernet Thermometers Provide Another Option for Connectivity

When Ethernet is the preferred technology for IoT connectivity, customers now have that option with the new Traceable® Data Logging Ethernet Thermometers Compatible with TraceableLive™ Cloud-Based Service. These handy instruments provide 24/7 connection to critical environments from anywhere. The data loggers offer an easy and secure way to connect via a smartphone, tablet or personal computer remotely with water baths, refrigerators, freezers and biological/pharmaceutical lab equipment without having to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® technology. Read More

New Oakton® PH550 pH Meter & CON550 Conductivity Meter

The Oakton family has some new additions of compactly designed and economical meters for benchtop pH and conductivity measurement. The meters have IP54-rated housing which is dust- and spill-proof, while connectors are protected by silicone seal caps. Both meters have the capacity to automatically recognize NIST and USA calibration solutions and can store and recall up to 50 groups of data. What’s more, these meters have a warranty of up to 3 years. Read More

New Stuart® Digital Round-Top Stirring Hot Plates

Cole-Parmer is causing a stir by complimenting and completing the Stuart® range with the Digital Round-Top Stirring Hot Plates. Valued customers now have a comprehensive choice of units designed to suit several applications. These NEW Stuart additions comprise three different models: hot plate, stirrer or stirring hot plate, all with a digital display Read More

Cole-Parmer is Stirring up the Scientific Community with NEW Stuart® Customizable Hotplate Stirrers

For the very first-time, and with the use of an online configurator, customers can customize their own colorful, sleek and technology rich Stuart Hotplate Stirrer. Individuals can select from a variety of parameters including model type, interface, surface and color. Each unit can be designed to unique specifications, built for its specific application, and is personal to the owner Read More