Why Choose Masterflex® Pumps and Tubing

Masterflex pumps are the preferred solution around the world. We are known as an industry-leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of peristaltic tubing and hose pumps, diaphragm metering pumps, vacuum/pressure pumps, flowmeters and mixers. Only Masterflex offers you unparalleled versatility and standard-setting reliability—performance produced by more than 55 years of manufacturing peristaltic pumps. Our expertise and selection of over 10,000 pump configurations allows us to help you choose an exact pump system to meet your application needs.

When you require a product different than what we offer online, or you need a feature from one of our products to meet your specific system requirements, use our custom engineered original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Services. Our team, with more than 100 years of combined experience in custom designing fluid handling solutions, partners with you for the entire process from listening to your needs through to after-sale technical support. We provide thousands of quality products for scientific and process applications worldwide.

Top Reasons to choose Masterflex

  • 1EASY
    • Quick installation.
    • Low maintenance.
    • Easy tubing changeover.
  • 2 Durable
    • Trusted for over 55 years.
    • Vast chemical compatibility.
  • 3 Versatile
    • From research to process, handles almost any fluid.
    • Multichannel capabilities.
  • 4 Customizable
    • Configurable systems
    • Many tubing options.
    • Easy scale-up.
  • 5 Accurate
    • Flow ranges - 0.0001 mL/min to 42 L/min.
    • Rigorous design standards.

Choose your Masterflex peristaltic pump by series

Ismatec high accuracy microflow peristaltic pumps
Ismatec® Series
Microflow, high accuracy
Flow Range:
0.0001 to 365 mL/min
Masterflex L/S precise flow peristaltic pump
L/s® Series
High accuracy, precise flow
Flow Range:
0.00005 to 3400 mL/min
Masterflex I/P powerfil peristaltic pump
i/p® Series
Powerful systems
Flow Range:
0.001 to 26 LPM
Masterflex B/T highest flow rates peristaltic pumps
b/t® Series
Highest flow rates
Flow Range:
0.3 to 42 LPM